Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

Approximately 4 hours if the URB-E battery is completely empty.

Where and how can I charge my URB-E?

You can charge your URB-E almost anywhere! A charger comes included with every URB-E purchase. Just insert the charge port plug into the receptacle on the side of the battery, and plug the other end into a regular 110V or 220V wall outlet. You do not need to remove the battery from the unit to charge, although you are welcome to do so.

Do I need a driving license, insurance or registration to ride an URB-E?

Nope! URB-E is categorized as a low-speed electric bicycle and does not require a license. However, we recommend that riders are at least 18 years old and wear a helmet at all times. Check your local and state laws for requirements specific to your area.

How far can I ride my URB-E?

On a full charge, URB-E Pro and Pro GT have a range of about 32 kilometres. URB-E Sport and Sport GT have a range of 26 kilometres. Traveling up steep inclines will take more energy out of the battery and reduce the range. Other factors such as road surface, wind resistance, and rider weight can also affect the URB-E’s range.

What should I do if my tire wears down?

Contact us at URB-E for a replacement.

How do I know when the battery is low?

Check the battery charge indicator located on the right side of the handlebars. If all three lights are on, the battery is full. Two lights indicate a half full battery, and one red light means the URB-E is approaching empty.

How fast can URB-E go?

URB-E Pro and Pro GT have a top speed on a level surface of 25 km/hour. URB-E Sport and Sport GT have a top speed of 22.5 km/hour. Speed can be affected by rider weight, road conditions, etc.

How much does an URB-E weigh?

URB-E Pro and Pro GT weigh approximately 16 kg. URB-E Sport and Sport GT weigh approximately 14 kg. Their patented technology allows the URB-E frame to be as lightweight as physically possible; most of the URB-E’s weight is carried in the battery and motor.

Is there a warranty on my purchase?

URB-E offers a 6 month limited warranty on all URB-E purchases. Refer to the warranty section of the URB-E Owners Manual for terms, conditions and limitations.

How portable is URB-E?

Very! URB-E collapses easily and quickly, and it’s small enough to fit comfortably in a train, bus, car trunk, closet, office, hallway, classroom–or anywhere you can imagine!

What is the maximum weight to ride an URB-E?

We recommend a maximum weight of 113 kilograms to maintain full battery strength.